PLA Preconference

February 20, 2014
Impact Survey

Join us at the PLA Preconference on Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

Learn the soup to nuts of community needs assessments and the value of tapping your patrons for feedback on technology services. We’ll discuss collecting data using different tools, including focus groups and the Impact Survey program, and follow through with how to use patron-level data for high-level assessments, such as the Edge Benchmarks, of your library services.

Presenters: Samantha Becker and Mike Crandall

University of Washington Information School, Seattle, WA

The U.S. IMPACT Study

Access to the Internet has become a central part of American society, helping all of us in many areas of our daily lives. Over the past twenty years, libraries and community technology centers have taken on the role of public access centers for those who are unable to reach the Internet at home or work, for reasons ranging from lack of financial resources to personal preference. The U.S. Impact Study is examining the users and use of these public services to better understand the impact of free access to computers and the Internet on the individuals, families and communities served by these public and private resources.